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Dr. M. Revathy
Assistant Professor
Quantitative Techniques


  • Teaching Experience as 20 years
  • Presented a paper on "Non-uniform Mass transfer of an Unsteady Mixed Convection Nanofluid Flow having an exponentially decreasing free stream velocity” in the 48th National conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power held during 27th-29th December 2021 at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, Rajasthan.
  • Presented a paper on "unsteady compressible flow about a stagnation point on a stretching sheet in the presence of variable free stream” in the 59th Congress of ISTAM (Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics) held from December 17th to 20th, 2014 at Alliance University, Bangalore.
  • Published a article in the conference Proceedings - "Non-uniform Mass transfer of an Unsteady Mixed Convection Nanofluid Flow having an exponentially decreasing free stream velocity" Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power (Vol. 3)Select Proceedings of FMFP 2021.
  • Published a paper on "Numerical study of Darcy Forchheimer Unsteady Mixed Convection flow of Nanofluid with an Exponentially Decreasing free-stream velocity distribution” in Computational Thermal Sciences: An International Journal (Scopus Index), Volume 12, 2020.
  • Published a paper on "Steady Electrical MHD Mixed Convection Flow of Nanofluid under the Influence of Exponentially Decreasing Freestream Velocity with the Effect of Heat Generation/Absorption” in Journal of Nanofluids (Scopus Indexed), Volume 8, Issue 6, Page Number 1273-1280, 2019.
  • Patent : A system and method for providing Cyber/Network security based on advanced machine learning feature,2021103952, Australian Government,25th August 2021
  • Academic Excellence awarded in the year 2012 at Sri SaiRam College of Engineering, Bangalore for Producing cent Percent result in Operations Research for MBA.
  • Won Rashtrapati Guide award in the year 1990.
    An enthusiastic person with 19 years of working experience in various institutions in Chennai and Bangalore. Applies innovative strategies in instructional design, fostering individuals realistic perspective towards life, creating a desire to maximize productive thinking and execution, diluting self-defeating impulses by instilling the trait of self-esteem and leaving a legacy behind in every walk of life. Belives and work with Jiddu Krishnamurthy's philosophy "The intentions of education must be the inner transformation and liberation of the human being and from that, society would be transformed” as an underlying approach.
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