At our esteemed institution, we take great pride in establishing the Legal Aid Society, an essential pillar of our academic community, dedicated to promoting access to justice, fostering legal awareness, and empowering the marginalized. Under the able guidance of Dr. Showkat Ahmad Wani, Assistant Professor, School of Law, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bengaluru our society is driven by a passionate team of legal enthusiasts committed to creating a positive impact on society through pro bono legal services.

The Legal Aid Society serves as a platform for law students to put their knowledge into practical use, working hand in hand with esteemed legal professionals and faculty members. Our core mission is to bridge the gap between legal theory and practice, instilling in our students a deep sense of social responsibility and compassion for those in need.

Through various outreach programs, workshops, and initiatives, we strive to promote legal literacy among underprivileged communities, making them aware of their rights and responsibilities. Our dedicated volunteers actively engage in legal counselling, providing invaluable guidance to individuals who might not otherwise have access to legal support.

We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves equal access to justice.



Welcome to the enthralling world of street theater, where art meets activism, and where the power of words and performances converges to shed light on pressing issues that affect us all in this rapidly advancing digital age. In the heart of our college campus, we present to you a thought-provoking and timely street play, crafted with utmost care and passion, aimed at fostering awareness about the critical subject of cyber security and the perilous risks associated with sharing OTPs in this high-tech realm.

In this interconnected and digitized era, where technology reigns supreme, we find ourselves navigating a virtual landscape that promises convenience, speed, and unprecedented connectivity. However, as we delve deeper into this realm of innovation, we must also come to terms with the dark underbelly of our digital existence – the ever-looming threats that lie in wait, preying on unsuspecting individuals who unwittingly divulge their most sensitive information.

We embark on a journey that will take us through the compelling narrative of individuals entangled in the web of cyber deception. Through our storytelling prowess, we aim to illuminate the potential repercussions of sharing One-Time Passwords (OTPs) carelessly – those seemingly harmless strings of numbers that grant access to our digital fortresses yet hold within them the potential to wreak havoc if they fall into the wrong hands.

As the curtains rise and our performers take center stage, be prepared to be captivated by the skillful portrayal of characters, each a reflection of the myriad emotions that weave together the fabric of our shared human experience in this digital age. More than mere spectators, you, our esteemed audience, will become catalysts for change as you journey alongside our characters, experiencing their struggles and triumphs, and ultimately gaining insight into the imperative need for cyber vigilance.

In the shadows of the virtual world, our street play serves as a beacon of awareness, a clarion call for responsible digital citizenship, and a reminder that as we embrace the marvels of technology, we must also fortify ourselves against the lurking dangers. Our collective journey towards a safer cyber landscape begins here and now, in this very moment of theatrical reflection.

So, without further ado, we urge you to surrender to the enchantment of the stage, open your hearts and minds to the messages woven into every line, and together, let us embark on this powerful odyssey of awareness – an ode to cyber security and the sanctity of our shared digital lives.



Our team conducted an empirical study in Bengaluru to explore the legal and socio-economic challenges faced by the transgender community, focusing on the perspective of the year 2022. The study delves into the implementation of the landmark NALSA (National Legal Services Authority) judgement, which recognized the rights of transgender individuals and granted them legal recognition of their gender identity. Our research aimed to assess the level of awareness within the transgender community regarding their newfound rights and the practical impact of the judgement on their lives.

The research sheds light on the experiences of the transgender community in Bengaluru, examining both positive developments and implementational flaws that emerged since the NALSA judgement. By conducting interviews, surveys, and engaging with relevant stakeholders, the study aimed to identify areas where the implementation of the judgement could be strengthened to better protect and empower the transgender community. Ultimately, our research seeks to contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding transgender rights and foster a more inclusive society that respects and supports the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their gender identity.

Despite the progressive legal framework established by the NALSA judgement, our study revealed that members of the transgender community in Bengaluru continue to face significant challenges and discrimination. The results showed that a substantial portion of the community still grapples with pervasive social stigma, leading to marginalization and exclusion from mainstream society. Many transgender individuals reported experiencing verbal abuse, harassment, and even physical violence in various public and private settings. Moreover, the study uncovered that access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities remains limited, perpetuating a cycle of economic vulnerability. These findings highlight the urgent need for further advocacy, policy interventions, and social awareness campaigns to address the deep-rooted prejudices and discrimination that hinder the full realization of the rights and socio-economic well-being of the transgender.


The mistreatment of individuals with disabilities has been a longstanding issue, often marked by oppressive practices. In response to the continuous struggle for disability rights, various legal and policy frameworks have been established to protect and promote the well-being of disabled individuals. However, the effectiveness of these provisions and schemes in ensuring social integration and inclusion remains a matter of debate. The study aimed to assess the ground reality of awareness and implementation of disability rights provisions and schemes and identify challenges and gaps in the current regime.

This empirical study sheds light on the challenges faced by the disabled community, revealing significant gaps in awareness and implementation of government policies in various spheres. Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, the study highlights that a substantial proportion of the disabled population lacks awareness about their rights and the policies executed by the government to protect and support them. This lack of awareness contributes to the perpetuation of their marginalized status, hindering their access to essential resources and opportunities.

The research further uncovers several critical gaps in policies designed for the disabled community, particularly in the realms of social, educational, and healthcare services. Existing policies may fall short in addressing the unique needs and requirements of disabled individuals, leading to reduced opportunities for social inclusion, limited access to quality education, and inadequate healthcare services. Additionally, the study identifies implementation challenges that hinder the effective execution of existing policies, further exacerbating the difficulties faced by the disabled community.

Overall, this empirical study serves as a crucial call to action, emphasizing the urgent need for improved awareness and comprehensive policy reforms to bridge the gaps and create a more inclusive society that upholds the rights and welfare of the disabled community.



The Society has decided to adopt Lakshmipura village and has connected with the concerned authorities for the same. The society plans to conduct a legal camp in collaboration with professionals from varied fields to address the issues of the citizens of this village. For this purpose, the team has made several constant efforts to assess their legal needs.


Through the experiences of the Society so far, it has been noted that several marginalised communities lack awareness about their right to begin with in Bengaluru. One such community is the Transgender Community. In order to remedy this situation, the Society is in plans of collaborating with Solidarity Foundation, an NGO in Namma Bengaluru for transgenders.


In addition to the events mentioned above, the Society plans to arrange for regular networking events wherein several legal professionals from varied fields are invited to the campus to discuss future avenues for better facilitation of legal aid to the marginalized communities.

Access to Justice Event, Ramaiah College of Law 

The Legal Aid Society of School of Law, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Bengaluru, made a significant impact at the Access to Justice event hosted by Ramaiha Institute of Technologies as part of their Silver Jubilee Celebration. The event was attended by over 20 colleges from in and around Karnataka and served as an exceptional platform to discuss and promote justice for marginalized sections of society. Represented by four highly enthusiastic and diligent 5th -year students - Dhriti Bole, Somya Singh, Isha Tripathi, and Shilpee Ghosh, along with the faculty in charge, Dr. Showkat Ahmad Wani. The Legal Aid Society showcased their empirical research and efforts in promoting access to justice. The Legal Aid team was also accompanied by the Convenor of the Society (Fatema Lokhandwala) and Mentor (Trishit Satpati).

The 4 studies presented were based on:
1. LGBTQIA++ community
2. Old Age population
3. Leprosy affected
4. Disabled people

The efforts of the Legal Aid Society, NMIMS Bengaluru, did not go unnoticed. They received appreciation certificates from sitting Judges of the Supreme Court, acknowledging their valuable contributions to promoting access to justice. Several other eminent personalities present at the event also praised the society’s endeavors and recognized the importance of their work for the betterment of society.


Adv Benny Pappachen 

All legal consultations and pieces of advice are seeked from Adv Benny Pappachen who is available for tele consultation.

Miss Gitanjana Paul Choudhury 


She extends help to individuals struggling with mental health issues and provides them a warm environment and a safe space to discuss their issues. 

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