NMIMS Bengaluru hosts successful 11th edition of TEDx Bengaluru

25th February 2024: SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru recently organized the 11th edition of TEDx Bengaluru, centered around the theme "Rhythm of Revelation: Where Chance Encounters Brilliance.” In its 15th year, NMIMS Bengaluru stands among India’s top 15 private business management schools, earning acclaim for its commitment to academic excellence and interdisciplinary learning.

TEDx Bengaluru, a flagship event at NMIMS Bengaluru, has consistently featured influential speakers, fostering intellectual discourse. The 11th edition showcased diverse perspectives on the theme, with notable speakers like Mr. Vinay Kamath, a seasoned journalist exploring the accidental journey of Titan, a TATA Group company.

Dr. Chella Pandian Pitchai, Global Head DEI & Leadership Development at Biocon Biologics, shared insights on achieving the ‘next best version.’ Ms. Malavika Harita, CEO of Brand Circle, discussed conscious serendipity, emphasizing leveraging serendipitous moments.

Dr. Sharon Rajkumar, founder of Happiest Health Line, advocated for happiness in leadership, while Mr. Girish Nagpal, CEO of Metroride India, shared his journey of resilience in sustainable urban mobility. Mr. Prasanna Mysore, a Law postgraduate, emphasized decision-making and encountering life’s forks.

These speakers collectively highlighted the impact of chance encounters and luck in shaping individual journeys. Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Campus Director of NMIMS Bengaluru, expressed pride in hosting the event, emphasizing the importance of diverse voices and innovative ideas in inspiring collaboration and growth.


Discussions on ESG at Prestigious Academic Conclave along with AICPA & CIMA – the professional bodies from the UK & USA

22nd January 2024: Keeping up with its commitment to building ESG sensitivity among its students, SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru campus collaborated with the prestigious American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) – the largest network of accounting and finance professionals in the world with a presence in 58 countries, and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). This was a first-of-its-kind occasion that saw these professional bodies collaborating with SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru campus to organise an Academic Conclave which was held on January 22nd and 23rd January 2024 with a core focus on the emerging trends of ESG and Sustainability practices in businesses worldwide.

The event saw the unveiling of the pre-release of the case study book (with ISBN), titled, "ESG: Delivering & Creating Resilient Stakeholder Value – Case Studies on the Best Practices in ESG & Sustainability” under the guidance of the esteemed Director of SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Dr Kavitha Desai, Programme Chair – BBA, and Prof. Dileep G. Menon, Programme Chair – B Com Programme from the campus.

The event was graced by Mr. Krishnan Ravindran, Director, PwC Academy; Mr. Nishant Priyadarshi, Chief Business Officer, Upgrad Campus; Mr. Veena Haran, Partnerships Director, Evolve Careers; Mr. Andrew Harding, Chief Executive – Management Accounting, AICPA & CIMA; and many other industry leaders and experts across the country With its focus on creating well-rounded professionals with a grasp of the latest demands of the industry, SVKM’s NMIMS has always been at the forefront of adopting emerging trends not only in academia but also in the world of business.

As a result, the curriculum at SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru campus incorporates essential subjects such as sustainable finance, green markets, sustainable marketing practices, workplace diversity, and inclusion; helping students with the knowledge and skills demanded by contemporary industry standards.

Experts and industry leaders gathered at the event discussed ESG and its role for educators, the future of ESG, and innovation and inclusion in the business world. They endorsed innovations within academia to keep up with the growing trend of ESG. Lastly, a key discussion was held on the theme, ‘The Evolving Landscape of Finance: A Global Perspective.’

Addressing the conclave, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran spoke about how ESG implementation had become a crucial business need. She discussed the current trends in sustainable business practices and also emphasised on green collar careers for students. After unveiling the book, ‘ESG: Delivering & Creating Resilient Stakeholder Value’, she briefly discussed some of the case studies covered in the book and highlighted the importance of the collaboration with AICPA & CIMA.

Meanwhile, the case studies featured in the book covered diverse sectors such as consumer goods, animal rights advocacy, sustainable fashion, corporate gifting, e-waste management, tourism, and banking, embodying real-world applications of ESG principles. Each study highlighted the positive impact of adopting eco-conscious practices and showcased innovative approaches towards achieving ESG goals. By sharing these impactful stories, the conclave proved to be a platform for knowledge exchange and promoting the integration of sustainable practices across industries.

Speaking at the event Dr. Narayani Ramachandran said, "Academia must embrace the implementation of ESG parameters. Our collaboration with AICPA and CIMA and is an important step in that direction. The distinguished industry leaders associated with CIMA and AICPA have implemented numerous initiatives in their respective fields to foster a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.”


Actor Manoj Bajpayee and the Starcast of Joram Engage In An Interactive Conversation at a Talk Show in Bengaluru

11th December, 2023: Recently, NMIMS Bengaluru hosted actor Manoj Bajpayee for an interactive talk show where the veteran actor also engaged in a Q&A with the students and cinema enthusiasts. The actor was accompanied by the entire star cast of Joram.

At the event, Manoj Bajpayee shared inspirational anecdotes from his life’s eventful journey and his career in cinema. He engaged in a candid conversation with the audience where the actor delved deep into the challenges he faced during the making of the film Joram, which included shooting intense sequences along with a three-month-old baby. He also walked through the process behind his preparations, stating that he prefers getting into the skin of the characters he plays completely and moulding his craft according to it.

He further went on to discuss his third successful collaboration with acclaimed director Devashish Makhija for Joram while mentioning that their previous collaboration Bhosle received an overwhelming response from the OTT audience and helped him receive his third National Award and international accolades. The actor entertained the attendees with popular dialogues from his films throughout the interaction. Moreover, the star cast discussed Joram’s success at the IIFR and the Jio MAMI.

When asked about finding the right balance between choosing contemporary and commercial films, the actor responded, "I never look at films with a preconceived notion of whether it is a contemporary film or a commercial entertainer. I treat all stories with the same conviction because I believe every good film will eventually receive its due recognition.”

The actor is known for his noteworthy performances in films like Bandit Queen and Satya as well as leading acts in popular films like Gangs of Wasseypur and Special 26. The actor has also been honoured with the Padma Shri, India’s second-highest civilian recognition. He has also received many national and international accolades and awards, including four National Awards, for his exceptional performances.

Expressing her appreciation for Manoj Bajpayee and the Joram team for participating in the event, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Director, NMIMS Bengaluru, said, "It was an honour for all of us to host talented actor Manoj Bajpayee and team Joram for an enriching conversation. The rich insights and experiences the actor and his team shared at the event enthused the attendees and created a positive impact. We look forward to hosting more such inspiring interactions.”

Joram is a survival thriller that follows the protagonist played by Manoj Bajpayee, who is on the run with his baby girl after a set of terrible events involving him. The film is a gripping story of human resilience and highlights several critical social, political and economic issues. It was screened at the prestigious International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IIFR) and the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival earlier this year, receiving wide accolades. The film released in theatres on 8th December 2023.


NMIMS Bengaluru Hosts an Interactive and Youthful Y20 Talk on ‘Shared Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance’

27th November 2023: SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru hosted an insightful Y20 Talk on the topic ‘Shared Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance’ featuring Ms. Surabhi Hodigere. The transformative session was hosted in association with INDGenius and Y20 India.

The guest speaker at the enriching session, Ms. Surabhi Hodigere, is a prominent public policy specialist on technology policy and is currently a top research fellow at the prestigious Aapti Institute in Bangalore. The eminent speaker has a Bachelor's degree in Economics (Honors) from the acclaimed Christ University and a Master’s in Public Policy from the globally renowned Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. She is a well-known advocate of responsible use of technology in improving public service delivery and public administration. Ms. Surabhi has vast experience working as a civic-technology entrepreneur and is also a recipient of the noteworthy LAMP fellowship.

Established by students, alumni and professors from premier educational institutions across India, INDGenius is a platform for youth, scholars, and young academicians across premiere private universities, eminent institutes and top boarding schools in India and aims to act as a network for students offering holistic growth of an individual with a development-oriented outlook.

Meanwhile, Y20 is the official engagement platform of the G20 and comprises prominent young leaders and changemakers from the G20 countries. The platform is aimed at encouraging dialogue and knowledge exchange among top youth leaders of India and across the world over the challenges facing our generation and for them to collectively strive to make a positive impact on the world. Together, the top youth forums hosted the session as part of their ‘Project I-Leads’, an effort to envision India’s leadership at G20 with a global perspective.

At the enthralling Y20 session, Ms. Surabhi touched upon a range of important topics, from her experiences in politics to her return from the United States with a desire to serve the country. She spoke about India’s leadership at the G20 and the massive success of the G20 Summit held in New Delhi earlier this year. The guest spoke extensively about the importance of social entrepreneurship and appealed to the young audience to take the lead in bringing social change. During her interaction with the young attendees at the session, she stressed the need for reading.

The Y20 Talk at NMIMS Bengaluru was an enriching experience for keen students, who were provided with an exclusive opportunity to network with professionals and explore new ideas and perspectives, helping them broaden their horizons.

Expressing her thoughts at the insightful session, Ms. Surabhi Hodigere said, "In order to bring about social change, the youth of today will have to play a transformative role and take important responsibilities in governance and drive public policy.”

Appreciating the initiative taken up by INDGenius and Y20 India and thanking Ms. Surabhi for her gracing the occasion, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru, said, "We welcome the initiative taken up by INDGenius and Y20 India to empower the youth and students of India with interactive and insightful programmes like the Y20 Talk. Additionally, we would like to thank Ms. Surabhi for gracing our campus and providing her rich insights to our students.”


NMIMS Bengaluru Hosts an Enriching Guest Session on ISRO’s Space Exploration Featuring Noted Scientist Kalpana Arvind

10th November 2023: SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru hosted an engaging and insightful session on ‘ISRO’s Space Exploration’ featuring Mrs. Kalpana Arvind, Associate Director at LEOS-ISRO. During the session, the accomplished guest provided rich insights into ISRO’s remarkable achievements and future endeavours in the field of space exploration.

Mrs. Kalpana Arvind, an Electronics and Communication graduate, has had an illustrious career of over 37 years at ISRO. In her over three-decade-long stint at ISRO, the scientist has served the organization in various capacities and has significantly contributed to several projects of national importance, including successful space exploration projects like Chandrayan-1, 2 and 3 and the very recent Aditya L1. Currently, she is serving as the Associate Director at the Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems (LEOS), ISRO.

Mrs. Kalpana Arvind’s first assignment at ISRO was to develop Sensor Processing Electronics Packages for the highly successful Indian National Satellite - INSAT-2 series. So far, 40 packages of INSAT-2 have been successfully launched as part of renowned space programs like Chandrayaan-1, 2 & 3; and the Mars Orbiter Mission. The scientist has presented sensor subsystems for pre-launch, launch and post-launch related activities. Among other accomplishments, she has designed and developed advanced Fiber Optics-based Gyroscope and MEMS-based sensors for the Inertial Reference Unit and Accelerometer respectively.

Mrs. Kalpana Arvind has published over 50 important papers and journals at leading national and international conferences, received one unique patent in her name and has recently applied for one more. A member of prestigious forums such as the Instrument Society of India, the Astronautical Society of India and the Indian Society of Systems for Science and Engineering, she has been conferred with several awards and accolades for her accomplishments in the field of space exploration.

In the enlightening session, Mrs. Kalpana Arvind delved deep into India’s giant strides in the realm of space exploration so far. She highlighted the critical role of the ISRO in India’s progress in astronomy and extensively spoke about recent missions and technological advancements. Furthermore, she provided a comprehensive roadmap of ISRO’s future missions and endeavours.

The session was a thorough learning experience, as keen attendees gained first-hand knowledge about ISRO's cutting-edge research and its role in advancing space exploration on a global scale.

Mrs. Kalpana Arvind said, "In the vast realms of space exploration, ISRO has achieved the most remarkable breakthroughs, which include Chandrayan 3’s soft landing on the south pole of the lunar surface and the recent Aditya L1 mission exploring the sun. With incredible missions like the Gaganyaan in the pipeline and cutting-edge resources available, the future of space exploration and research in India looks bright.”

Thanking Mrs. Kalpana Arvind for gracing the campus, Dr. Narayani, Director, NMIMS Bengaluru, said, "We are privileged to have hosted Mrs. Kalpana Arvind for the enriching session on space exploration. Her rich insights and vast experience in the field of science and the cosmos have deeply inspired the students here at NMIMS. We look forward to more such opportunities to host some of the most brilliant minds who are redefining India.”


NMIMS Bengaluru organises Walkathon to create Mental Health Awareness

21st September 2023: In its persevering commitment towards fostering mental health awareness, Udyam, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru, recently organised a Walkathon. The theme of the walkathon was ‘Walk for a Cause: Mental Health Awareness’ for its School of Business Management (SBM) students.

The Walkathon began with students assembling at the Royal Meenakshi Mall. The journey concluded at Windsor Amulyam. The 5 Km journey was replete with students expressing themselves through slogans and banners demonstrating the central theme of the event. The enthusiasm and energy levels among the participants were a sight to behold. More than 150 students participated in the walkathon, making it a success.

In order to create awareness about mental health amongst the general public, an inspirational 'Nukkad Natak' or a street play was performed following the walk. The performance was divided into three segments. Each of the three acts covered distinct topics with the focus of making people realise the positive results of sound mental health. It was demonstrated by recreating real-life scenarios faced by the youth. The performance concluded with the message of dealing with the hard times and emerging victorious.

Professor Janaki Anant, the faculty mentor at Udyam, was the guiding light of the students throughout the event. She created a safe space for students and asked them to share their own stories of battling mental health. Each story provided deep insights into the tough times faced by students and how they embraced reality and emerged out of it successfully. The exercise reassured students that they were not alone in their MBA journey at NMIMS SBM.

The walkathon resulted in three key learnings. Firstly, how the internal and external pressures we build within us sow seeds of mental distress and the unwanted steps we end up taking regarding our lives. Secondly, how failure leads to self-doubt, pain and anguish. This further contributes to unhealthy behavioural patterns and lifestyles. Lastly, seeking the right help and support can actually help us to release and overcome the burden of the unaddressed trauma within.

The success of the walkathon was a result of Udyam’s commitment towards increasing public awareness about mental health. The committee is aimed at contributing to making the world more liveable and equitable. It is also a testament to the changing times and the NMIMS’ commitment towards creating healthier campuses.

Commending the success of the event, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru, said, "The success of the walkathon on mental awareness exemplifies the positive change we're witnessing, which calls for an environment conducive for growth and happiness. The event reflects NMIMS Bengaluru’s commitment to shaping a better society, where we shun the stigma around health issues. Rather, we must together create a place where mental wellbeing is prioritised and positivity is encouraged."

Ms. Gitanjana, the Counsellor at NMIMS Bengaluru, infused a sense of optimism and positive energy through her words. Stressing the importance of seeking help and overcoming hardships when the going gets tough, she shared, "In the face of adversity, it is important to embrace the strength in seeking help and supporting one another. Let's aim to foster a community where seeking therapy is seen as a courageous step towards personal growth."


NMIMS Bengaluru Celebrates Success of AD MAD and Best Out of Waste Intercollegiate Competition

13th September, 2023: NMIMS Bengaluru successfully concluded the AD MAD and Best Out of Waste Intercollegiate Competition. The event saw the coming together of exceptionally talented and creative students from colleges across Bengaluru and the campus was abuzz with excitement.

Participating universities and colleges, including NMIMS Bengaluru, T John College, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru (NIFT), International Institute of Information Technology, Bengaluru (IIITB), Indus Business Academy, Bengaluru, and International School of Business & Research (ISBR), brought their best to the competition.

The AD MAD competition brought together teams of 3-5 students who showcased their advertising prowess with spontaneous creations on surprise topics. With a maximum of 15 minutes of preparation time, the advertisement performances ranged from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. Judges assessed participants on their spontaneity, content, topic adherence, on-stage presentation, coordination, and overall appeal. Participants captivated the audience with their originality and creativity, using various forms of advertising such as skits, jingles, slogans, banners, and innovative presentations.

In the Best Out of Waste competition, teams of 3-4 students displayed their resourcefulness by crafting innovative and useful products from household and stationery waste. The judging criteria included evaluating creativity, innovation, explanation, and utility. Participants demonstrated their commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainable practices.

The talented teams from the International School of Business & Research (ISBR) walked away with all the prizes in both the categories.

The three prizes for the AD MAD contest went to creatively named teams. The first prize went to Crux comprising Adarsh, Shivam, Saurabh, Vidhi and Ishika; the second prize went to Kushal, Surya, Somitha, Khushi and Avneet of Black Wings team and the third prize was won by the Stalwarts team consisting of Abhishek, Ishita, Mehak and Shiffan.

The three teams that won the Best of Waste contest were Tamanna, Samreen, Gnanasri and Shivangini of Prodigies team, Avishi, Tejal, Grishma and Bhagyashree of Upchay team and finally Kashish, Shreya, Akansha and Neha of the Trailblazers team.

The first three winning teams of the competitions were awarded cash prizes of Rs. 7,000, Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 3,000 respectively.

The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, collaboration, creativity and a commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices. NMIMS Bengaluru is proud to have hosted an event that encouraged students to think creatively and contribute to a sustainable future.

Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru, said, "AD MAD and Best out of Waste were not just competitions; they provided a stage for young minds to spark their creativity and imagination to craft memorable advertisements and innovate creatively with what we consider waste. I'm thrilled to witness the incredible talent and innovation showcased by these students. It was a pleasure to witness healthy competition and camaraderie among students of various institutes. We hope to conduct more such events to inculcate the importance of collaboration and collective growth."


NMIMS Bengaluru Demonstrates Consistent Performance and Steadfast Commitment in Rankings

4th September, 2023: SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru continues to showcase remarkable consistency in its rankings across prestigious publications. The institution's commitment to excellence and its focus on providing a holistic learning experience have contributed to its commendable rise in various rankings.

In the Open Magazine ranking, NMIMS Bengaluru was placed 40th among private universities at the national level. The institution's state-wise rank among private schools was an impressive I, with a zonal rank of II. According to the India Today ranking, NMIMS Bengaluru secured the 17th position among private schools, showcasing its prominence in the educational landscape. Additionally, the institution achieved a city-wise rank of II and a zonal rank of V.

Building on this success, the July 2023 edition of Business Today further solidified NMIMS Bengaluru's upward trajectory. The institution secured the 29th position overall, highlighting its consistent pursuit of excellence. The campus attained the 15th rank.

NMIMS Bengaluru's strong presence and performance in the respective zones were evident as it secured the 7th position in both the November 2022 and July 2023 editions of the rankings. The institution's notable performance extended to the city rankings as well, achieving a commendable rank of 3 in both editions.

The current year’s rankings have seen a major improvement since last year. In the November 2022 edition of Business Today, NMIMS Bengaluru had achieved an overall rank of 32 among the top 100 private B-Schools in India. The campus secured the 17th rank, highlighting its exceptional learning and living experiences. Moreover, the institution received an outstanding A+++ rating from Business India.

"These rankings serve as a strong confirmation of NMIMS Bengaluru's consistent dedication to academic excellence, holistic development, and providing a conducive learning environment," said Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru. "We are incredibly proud of our faculty, students, and staff for working together to achieve and maintain these outstanding rankings. Our dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators remains steadfast."

NMIMS Bengaluru's consistent performance and improved rankings reflect its focus on providing quality education, future-oriented programs, and a supportive learning environment. The institution remains firm in its pursuit of academic excellence and continues to foster an atmosphere of innovation, research, and all-inclusive development.


NMIMS Bengaluru Celebrates Convocation, Marking a Milestone in Higher Education for SoC, SoE, and SoS Graduates

19th August, 2023: SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru hosted its convocation ceremony, where 200 bright graduates from the School of Commerce (SoC), School of Economics (SoE), and School of Science (SoS) were conferred degrees. Mr. Nitin Pai, CMO & Chief Strategy Officer at Tata Elxsi, Bengaluru, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The convocation ceremony held at NMIMS Bengaluru campus was attended by Dr. Ramesh Bhat, Vice Chancellor, NMIMS, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru and Mr. Ashish Apte, Controller of examinations along with other senior staff and faculty members from NMIMS.

The students being convocated, who had completed various academic programs such as BBA, B.Sc. (Finance), B.Com. (Hons.), B.Sc. (Economics), and B.Sc. (Applied Statistics & Analytics), were applauded for their hard work and perseverance. The event was a significant day in the academic journey of the fresh graduates. While it signified the successful completion of their college life, it also symbolised their readiness to become professionals and embark on new and exciting chapters in their lives. The convocation ceremony saw the presence of dignitaries, faculty members, proud parents, and well-wishers, who witnessed the graduates being awarded their well-deserved degrees.

During the ceremony, V. Tejasvini, a B. Com (Hons) student, received recognition for achieving the 1st rank in her program. The event also showcased numerous accomplishments of both faculty and students, both within the institute and in external arenas, eliciting enthusiastic applause from the audience.

In his address, Mr. Nitin Pai, said, "I urge the fresh graduates to think creatively and boldly in their future endeavors. I want to add that true success is not measured by achievements but also by the positive impact you have on the lives of others and the society.”

Speaking at the event Dr. Ramesh Bhat, expressed, "It is a joyous occasion and a celebration of excellence. The students’ presence at this ceremony today is the result of years of hard work and determination. I take great pride in the graduates' achievements. As you step out of these haloed precincts, I am confident that you will excel in your chosen fields and make a mark in life.”

Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, highlighted how the students’ journey at NMIMS Bengaluru has equipped them with the knowledge and skills to steer through the complexities of the world. She further said, "My advice to them would be to consistently demonstrate a sense of responsibility in all their actions. I am certain that you will rise to any occasion and make a lasting impression wherever you go next.”

The convocation ceremony exemplified NMIMS Bengaluru's dedication to fostering a culture of brilliance, innovation and global collaboration.


NMIMS Bengaluru Campus Successfully Hosted A Session On Indian Space Program And Chandrayan Missions

9th September 2023: An interactive session on "Indian Space Program and Chandrayaan Missions”, featuring Dr. P.G. Diwakar, ISRO Chair Professor and Former Scientific Secretary of ISRO, was hosted at the SVKM’s NMIMS Deemed-to-be-University, Bengaluru Campus. In the session, the esteemed guest delved into the realm of Chandrayan missions and the Indian Space Program, enlightening the session with his rich and intriguing insights about space exploration.

Dr. P.G. Diwakar, a PhD in Participatory Geomatics, is currently the ISRO Chair Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISc Campus Bengaluru, and is a former distinguished scientist from ISRO, DOS (Department of Space). In his illustrious career, he has served in various capacities at the ISRO, and made significant contributions in Diverse National Missions; Web Technologies And GeoPortals; Image Processing solutions and Software Design And Development – Geospatial Applications.

In his stint at ISRO, he has accomplished some significant achievements like design, development and deployment of a unique and the only Geoportal of National reckoning, "THE BHUVAN GEOPORTAL”. Bhuvan is a prominent National Geospatial Platform today.

One of his recent applications enabled on the platform "Jal Shakti Abhiyan ” served more than 1,000 blocks in the country for ground water recharge structures taken up in distress districts to rejuvenate groundwater aquifers in the country. He also administered an ISRO Platform on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics that uses Machine learning and Deep Learning techniques for problem solving.

Dr. P.G. Diwakar has also represented ISRO in a number of capacities at the International level in forums such as Committee of Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), International Charter "Space and Major Disasters”. UN-ESCAP, APRSAF – JAXA, etc. He has also received many national and international accolades and awards, and has authored more than 100 publications/technical reports.

During the session Dr. P.G. Diwakar emphasised on how India has taken giant strides in space exploration over the last few years through its successive Chandrayan or moon missions, the Mangalyaan or the Mars mission, and the recent Adita L1, our maiden Solar Mission. At the end of the session, an interactive Q&A was organised, where the special guest patiently answered questions asked by students and space enthusiasts.

Sharing his insights on space exploration at the event, Dr. P.G. Diwakar said, "All the planetary systems in our Solar System have perfect resonance with each other. Any one of these planets moving away from the orbit can create a problem on earth. We are all gelling together with the Sun as part of the Solar System. If one fine day, the Moon gets completely away from the Earth, it will have a huge impact on our Gravitational forces. Therefore, the moon is very important for us.”

Speaking about the session, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru said, "We are incredibly obliged to host Dr. P.G. Diwakar at the NMIMS Campus here at Bangalore. Listening to his insights on India’s consistent rise in Space Exploration was an inspiring experience”


NMIMS students pep up with TEDx talks

The public relations cell of NMIMS Bangalore organised TEDx virtually on January 16. The theme of the event was "Redefining Yardsticks,” and the discourse revolved around the changing norms, conventions and roles in contemporary times. In the fast-paced world that we live in today, it is important to revisit and break free from the norms that we were bound by several decades ago. The event was supported by the title partner — Eclectic Designs, gifting partners La Fumet, Epiphany Snacks, and Shakti Exclusive, and videography partner Abhay Gandhi.

The speakers include Dalip Tahil, renowned Indian film, television and theatre actor; Pia Sutaria, performing artist, model and the artistic director at ICMD India; Chetna Vasishth, founder, online chat show in the career and education space ChetChat; Nabila Jamshed, humanitarian, public speaker, and author; Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, doctor, best-selling author, and stand-up comedian; Varun Sridhar, CEO, Paytm Money; Onkar K Khullar, famously known as Digital Gandhi, iauthor of three books, and founder of three companies; Tridha Choudhary, film actor.

Redefining Yardsticks at TEDx NMIMS Bangalore!

The Public Relations Cell of NMIMS Bangalore organized TEDx virtually on 16th January 2021! The theme of the event was 'Redefining Yardsticks', majorly revolving around the changing norms, conventions, and roles around us. In the ever-changing, fast-paced world that we live in today, it is very important to revisit and break-free from the norms that we were bound by several decades ago. The event is aimed at inspiring individuals to become the wind beneath the wings of the people around them and letting them fly high.

The event was commenced by the respected Director of NMIMS Bangalore. Esteemed speakers, ranging from corporate and government officials, artists, actors, authors, and doctors graced the event with their unique and inspiring ideas, all converging towards 'Redefining Yardsticks' in their respective professions. The students, alumni, faculty, corporates, and many other attendees were truly inspired by the speakers' talks. There was also a special performance by an upcoming artist and music composer, Mr. Varun Jain.

Words of wisdom 

Mr. Dalip Tahil, a renowned film, theatre, and TV actor spoke about the redefined role of women in the industry. Mr. Tahil highlighted that the cinema industry is the most prominent platform showcasing women’s status and is a true reflection of what is happening in society. He emphasized that change definitely has occurred, but there is a lot more to come!

Mr. Onkar Khullar, a social entrepreneur, and an artist spoke on "Content is the New Drug”. Mr. Khuller shared a very interesting concept of Content Diet – The content you consume is reflected in you. With the advent of the digital world, a break is much needed from the overdose to fuel your imagination and subconscious mind. There should be a shift in focus from consuming more to creating more!

Ms. Nabila Jamshed, a humanitarian, public speaker, and author spoke about Biodefence and how our planet is on the frontlines of the future risks due to it. Ms. Jamshed highlighted the concept of the Doomsday clock and emphasized the need to understand environmental degradation as a vector for multi-dimensional poverty. It is high time to address human security as an integral part of national security.

Ms. Tridha Choudhury, an Indian film actress featured predominantly in regional movies and OTT platforms talked about redefined film industry with the advent of OTT platforms. She highlighted the ease of accessibility that the OTT platform has given to both actors and viewers. Ms. Tridha emphasized the need to stop the exploitation of creative liberty that this platform provides.

The little things that matter 

Mr. Varun Sridhar, the CEO of PayTM Money and veteran in the business domain talks about the crisis in his talk. According to him, a crisis is a fantastic opportunity as it gets you going. Talking about Financial services, he highlighted the point that the most important things, that is, Intelligence quotient, Emotional Quotient, People Quotient, Technology quotient, and Data quotient are coming together in this new era!

Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, an ENT surgeon, author, inventor talked about thinking out of the box, moving out of the comfort zone, accepting unpredictability, failures, and mistakes to stand out. According to him, being unconventional helps us in coming up with unconventional yardsticks and goals, which might help in achieving extraordinary success.

Ms. Chetna Vasishth, the founder of Chet Chat talked about the importance of having multiple skills. The jack of all trades can be a master of some. According to her, the key trait that sets one business leader apart from another is the willingness to learn and keep learning. She highlighted that multifaceted individuals are more likely to futureproof their careers.

Pia Sutaria, a professional dancer, educator, and founder of the ICMD, started her talk by recalling the turning point of her life as a dancer. For an event, she was given an opportunity to perform Ballet on an Indian track wearing a lehenga. This opportunity made her believe that Ballet can be as Indian as anything else and that’s how she founded her institution to provide vocational education to young students who want to pursue dance as their career.

he event and the speakers provided a fresh perspective on redefining yardsticks. It is time to break free and revisit the conventional ways of measuring success, roles, and ideas. The talks aimed at expanding horizons and inspired everyone to think outside the box!

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