Academic Committee

The Academic Committee primarily engages in providing live project opportunities to students which fill in as a medium to encounter the change from hypothesis to viable. Live project is a collaborative enterprise involving research and/or design to achieve a particular aim. It is a great opportunity for students to gain hands on experience by assisting corporates with their real time projects.

A little light on the events conducted by the academic committee last year:

  • Mock GD’s: In this, the junior batch was made to go through the mock GD’s that gave them a practice of how to tackle the group discussion rounds during their summer internship placements. The Academic committee aims to prepare the students from the very start so that they don’t feel as if they are lagging behind in this aspect of their placements.

  • Guest Lectures: The Academic Committee conducts Guest Lectures by speakers who hold prominent positions in the industry and shed light on diverse topics ranging from current industry trends to the future of business and its aspects.

  • Association with seniors: In this, with the help of the seniors, we focused more on peer-to-peer learning, various events like how to improve their presence on platform like LinkedIn, and counsel the students for selection of the electives for their final year.

  • Savvy general knowledge initiative: Using social media platforms to provide business news, facts and sharing the stories of successful women in various fields along with general knowledge quizzes to help the students stay up to date with the current happenings.


Contact Details:

Email ID:

ANMOL JHA (President):, +91-7067710238

RAGHAV GOEL (Vice-President):, +91-7404623339

ANANT JAIN (General Secretary):, +91-7439345987

YASH BHANDARE (Treasurer):, +91-7666598368

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