About the Club

Arthashastra- The UG Economics Club of NMIMS Bengaluru is a dynamic community of members with a keen inclination towards global markets, policy implications and the intricacies of world trade.

We have always aimed at relearning and reinventing economics by converting the concepts learnt within the confinement of our classrooms and molded it in a practical and relatable manner to give its members a deeper understanding of real-world issues.

The purpose of Arthashastra is to provide all economic enthusiasts with a social environment to debate, inquire and brainstorm over relevant issues of the economic world.

By organising a diverse set of events, from speaker sessions, to educational workshops, to economic insights; Arthashastra strives to create a community where intellect meets innovation.

Works Undertake by the club in current year

Sansad Samvaad - Our first event, held on 7th and 9th October, 2023, Sansad Samvaad, an intense two round mock-parliamentary debate which was in collaboration with the literary arts committee - Vaani. The debate was designed around policies with socio-economic implications.

We began with the first round which was an Eliminator, a formal recital engagement on social and political agendas. While the main day was a Lok Sabha simulation where the teams took up the personas provided to them and debated over the socio-economic issue presented.

Plan for the year

(a) Jack of all trades - This will be a maiden contest held by Team Arthashastra. Involving ideas born from the very roots of trade theory in economics, "Jack of Trades” will be held to determine which of you all can uncover your competitive advantage over others and use it to reach your fullest potential. Revolving around geopolitics, it is a version of survival of the fittest in the trading economies.

(b) Econolympics - Every year, we continue on our flagship event to keep up with the Artha tradition. This year is no different as we introduce our own surprises. From barter systems and speculations, to economic shocks in an industrial simulation, this jam-packed event tests your quick thinking as well as analytical skills to simulate the very essence of economics, barter.

Contact details of Student Heads/Office Bearers:

Email ID:

  1. President: Vedant Vyas : +91-9867934053,
  2. Vice President: Niharika Daka : +91-9493053366,
  3. HOD Logistics: Bhavika Mahajan : +91-7291925789,
  4. HOD Digiworks and Promotions: Yashita Hari Har Lal : +91-7055288460,
  5. HOD Public Relations and Communications: Ishita Lakhotia : +91-9007009708,
  6. HOD Admin and Finance: Prerna Agarwal : +91-8092180669,
  7. Name of Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tanaya Majumder

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