"Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn

HRiday, NMIMS involves students from various domains united by their interest towards becoming better people managers. All the members of the club share a common ideology that human resource is a core competency and that the development of people is the most important aspect of any organisation.

We as the HR club of the college take pride in conducting various events and programs to help enhance the experience of the students in the college. These events are as follows:

Mentorship Programme: To get through the vast number of questions and confusions about how to keep up with MBA in the first year, HRiday organises the Mentorship Program. The seniors share on their experience with their respective mentees and help answer every one of those questions.

Top Talent: Top Talent event is the most sought-after event of HRiday. Here, we conduct mock Group Discussions and Personal Interviews to get you a glimpse of the coming SIP processes and prepare you for them. Top Talent is the platform that will polish you for future hurdles and will make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Hristic (During Nityaksh): HRistic is a comprehensive PAN India competition that focuses on providing an exposure to aspirants about the real-life application of HR concepts and terms.

HR Symposium: HRiday organises the ‘HR Symposium’, the flagship event of HRiday which is marked by the presence of distinguished HR professionals every year, each sharing their insights on the current trends in the industry and giving us the opportunity to interact with them and learn from their first-hand experience in the corporate world.

SEEKHO: Seekho is a skill transfer workshop, wherein we plan to invite seniors to impart important skills to their juniors required to strive in the corporate world.

Our aim is to keep the students informed about the various HR trends in the industry and better ourselves each year and to ensure that we come up with new ways to benefit the students of NMIMS.

Contact Details of OBs:

Email ID:

President: SRUJAN KUMAR BOLLAREDDY : +91-8500503019,

Vice President: SRIPUJITHA GUDIPATI : +91-9029953296,

General Secretary: GARGI JOSHI : +91-9990680095,

Treasurer: KARTIK GARG : +91-9873228892,

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