Insignia – The Alumni Committee of NMIMS Bangalore

Alumni are extremely important resources for any business school. In today’s competitive world, a strong alumni network is very essential. Insignia –The Alumni Committee NMIMS Bangalore –facilitates this by providing a platform to exchange thoughts and ideas. The committee strives to enhance the bond between the institute and its alumni for a mutually beneficial relationship. Also, we put constant efforts to connect with alumni, engage them and gain knowledge from this network. To maintain a close relationship with alumni and to increase their involvement, we have recently launched Alma connect, an online portal where alumni can get all updates and latest happenings in campus. Currently, NMIMS Bengaluru has almost 1700+ alumni from 20 MPE batches, 4 EPGDM batches and 9 PGDM batches.

Events organised:

Mock interviews: 'Mock Interviews 2020' conducted by Insignia was an effort to provide the students, of PGDM 10 batch, a taste of the real battle - "The Campus Recruitment Season 2020-21”. With 36 alumni across major domains and over 100+ hours of intense mock sessions, the students got to visualize the real interview experience through rigor. It exposed students to interview like environment, with all the grilling and insight they needed for an actual interview. Our experienced Alumni helped the students of PGDM 10 to face every possible scenario that would prepare them for the D-day.

Margdarsh: 'Margadarsh 2020' gave the students of MBA11 an opportunity to widen their knowledge and clear their doubts regarding different specializations. It was filled with learning through experiences and suggestions. The batch of 2020-2022 had a platform which enabled them to clear their doubts ranging from the right combination of various specializations to knowing the future course of action. Our experienced Alumni through their vast base of knowledge helped the students get a clear vision of their upcoming future.

Alumni Workshops: Alumni Academic Workshop is something which is a part of every top B-school in our country. Even at NMIMS, we conduct academic workshops in July, November, and March in different specializations as per the industry requirement and these workshops are specially conducted by our Alumni across all specializations.

Alumni Mentorship Program: The purpose of this Alumni Mentorship Program is to foster a valuable relationship between NM-B alumni and the students. Alumni Mentors share their knowledge and rich experience to provide students with the encouragement and insights they need to get when they start their careers and begin to set a course for their future. The connections and the discussions in this program will help prepare our students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on our campus community.

Alumni Guest Lectures: Multiple guest lectures are held here at NMIMS and some of them are also given by our alumni who have a rich experience in the corporate world and groom our students to make them ready as per the industry requirements. Alumni feel the sense of accomplishment in conducting these as a medium of giving back and contributing to the college and their NM-family. The topics are from different domain like – Social Entrepreneurship, Post-MBA decisions including many others.

Contact Details

Email ID:

President: ASHWIN VIJAY,; +91-7358579972

Vice President: TANVIR SAYYAD,; +91-8896990695/8669063903

General Secretary: RISHITA WALIA,; +91-9877502035

Treasurer: RISHITA MOHANTY,; +91-8327736773


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