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Dr. Mallika Srivastava
Associate Professor


  • Worked in Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Bengaluru from 15th May 2017 -16th August 2019 as Assistant Professor.
  • Worked in Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune from 29th Dec 2011- May 14th 2017, as Assistant Professor.
  • Worked in International School of Business & Media (ISB&M), Pune from June 2011- Dec 2011, as faculty in Marketing Management.
  • Worked in Astix Intelligence Management Systems as software consultant from Mar 2007- May 2008. Astix is a software services company offering solutions in Business Process Automation, Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems.
  • Worked as consultant in Eicher India Ltd for Collaboration Solution Group based at Eicher group office, New Delhi from May 2002- May 2003.
  • Worked as Consultant System Analyst in Total Info India Ltd from Nov 2000 to May 2002.
  • Worked as Management Trainee at Blue Star India Ltd, New Delhi from June’2000 to Nov’2000 and was fully involved in Implementation and Maintenance of CRM software.
In the areas of Relationship Marketing, Services Marketing, consumer behaviour
  • Authored books titled Customer Relationship Management – Indian Context Co Authored a book titled " Modern Business Organization and Management Naik, S., Srivastava, M., & Tapas, P. (2019). The role of government campaign commercials in shaping government brand equity. International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management, 5(3-4), 500-515.(C category, Scopus)
  • Srivastava Mallika, Sharma Lavina (08/2019) Teachers’ motivation to adopt technology in higher education, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.(Emerald Publishing, Scopus)
  • Raina, M., & Srivastava, M. (2019). Usage Intention towards Online Healthcare in context to consumer. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 10(5), 686-691.(Scopus)
  • Srivastava Mallika, Naik Shubhanshu (03/2018) Affective Reactions of Urban and Rural voters to government campaigns commercials. Indian journal of Marketing, 48(3): 33-48 (Scopus; ISSN: 0973-8703)
  • Srivastava Mallika, Naik Shubhanshu (12/2017) A study on relevance of professional training to healthcare housekeeping Aide through SAP_LAP inquiry, Indian Journal of Public health Research and Development, 8(4): 743-750 (Scopus; ISSN: 0976-0245)
  • Mallika Srivastava,Anupama (12/2017) A Study on Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Indian Domestic Airlines in Pune, International Journal of Economic Research , 14(15) (Scopus ISSN: 09729380)
  • Mallika Srivastava,Semila Fernandes, (12/2017) Impact of Ethnocentrism on Indian Consumers? Brand Preferences for Domestic Vs Foreign Products: An Empirical Study, International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 15(16) (Scopus; ISSN: 0976-0245)
  • Mallika Srivastava,Shubhanshu Naik ,Tapas Poornima (12/2017) A Study on Relevance of Voters Education through SAP-LAP Inquiry, International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, 15(16) (Scopus; ISSN: 0976-0245)
  • Srivastava Mallika, Bhanot Dhruv, Tamhane Tarini (09/2014) Rebranding of German Bakery, Pune: A Case Study. Indian journal of Marketing, 44(9): 54-60 (Scopus; ISSN: 0973-8703).
  • Have been awarded research grant by All India Institute of Management Schools,
  • Certified by Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) for "The case method teaching”
  • Certified trainer for Market Place Simulation
  • Best Paper award in 14th SIMSR global marketing Conference 2019
  • Best paper award in SIMSARC 2018
  • Best paper award in Symhealth 2017
Dr Mallika is PhD in Customer Relationship Management-Marketing from University of Allahabad. She has 12 years of work experience, which includes 8 years of teaching, and research experience in marketing domain and 4 years corporate work experience, in project management, customer relationship management, systems design & development, training and implementation. She has published 30 research papers in International journals of repute. Dr Mallika have been conducting various MDPs’ in the area of sales and marketing and business communication.
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