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Dr. N Barnabas
Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Services


  • Associate Professor, NMIMS Bangalore November 2010 – Present .
  • Deputy Director SIBM Bangalore February 2009 – 2010 (1 year).
  • Associate Professor SIBM Bangalore February 2009 – 2010 (1 year).
  • Assistant Professor Goa Institute of Management November 2006 – February 2009 (2 years 4 months).
  • Lecturer, HOD Christ College, Bangalore June 1998 – October 2006 (8 years 5 months).
N Ramesh and M V Ravikumar (2018), Collaborative model of Social Received mini-research grant for the research proposal "A study on Sustainable Consumption Habits” through the Obama-Singh grant for Advancing Sustainability Research and Education in India from School of Business, University of North Carolina and Indian Institute of Management- Bangalore (IIM-B).
  1. N Barnabas. "Nestle Purelife: Marketing Bottled Water”- A case study published in a book of select management cases (2008).
  2. N Barnabas. "Market Orientation of Retail Banks” – Chapter in edited book Globalization of Retailing – an Indian Experience by KGS Narayanan and PK Sudarshan, Associate Publishers, New Delhi (2009).
  3. N Barnabas. "Café Cofee Day: A Case study of a Retail Chain” – Case published in a book of select management cases published by Associate Publishers, New Delhi (2009).
  4. N Barnabas, Nandakumar Mekoth. "Measuring Organizational Autonomy- Scale Development” – Research Published by South Asian Journal of Management Research (2009).
  5. "N Barnabas, Nandakumar Mekoth. "Autonomy, Market Orientation and Performance in Indian Retail Banking” – Research paper accepted for publication in Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (2010).
  6. "N Barnabas, Nandakumar Mekoth. Landscape Resorts – Case study published by South Asian Journal of Management Research (2011).
  7. N Barnabas. "Nature, Elements and Process of Customer Orientation: Evidences from Service Front Line”, Research Paper, 4th IIM-A conference on Marketing in Developing Countries (2011).
  8. "N Barnabas, Ramesh Narasimhan. "”Vibhava Chemicals: Pursuit of a cleaner space”” – Case study published by Ivey Publishing (2012).
  9. "N Barnabas, Ramesh Narasimhan. "”Forus Health: Crossing the Disruptive Product Chasm”” – Case study published by Ivey Publishing (2015).
  • (2017) Glocoll-Case Writing workshop, Harvard Business School, Shanghai Campus
  • (2016) Glocoll- Participant Centered Learning workshop, Harvard Business School, Boston
  • (2015) Qualitative Data Analysis using R, Christ University, Bangalore
  • (2015) Structural Equation Modeling Using SPSS Amos, Christ University, Bangalore
  • (2014) Conducting Management Research, University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne conducted at NMIMS Mumbai, India
  • (2013) Case Method of Learning, Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Conducted at Hindustan Unilever, Mumbai, India
  • (2001-2002) Faculty Development Programme, IIM Ahmedabad Best Faculty Award from NMIMS University for the year 2016.
Dr. N. Barnabas is Associate Professor at NMIMS University and teaches in marketing area for executive education and regular PGDM programme. He is MBA specialized in Marketing and Ph.D in Management from Goa University. Prior to joining academics he worked at DSS Mobile Communications (India) Pvt. Ltd in marketing function. His research interests include sustainable consumption, and social entrepreneurship. He has published research papers and case studies in international peer-reviewed journals and reputed case publishing houses like Richard Ivey Publishing. He is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad (FDP 2001-02) and has attended a programme on Participant-centered learning offered at Harvard Business School, Boston (Glocoll-2016).
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