"Your life is your canvas, and you are the masterpiece. There are a million ways to be kind, amazing, fabulous, creative, bold, and interesting.”

RANG, the events and cultural committee of NMIMS Bangalore aims to provide a platform to the students to bring about their ingenuity to the forefront and use their most tactful side to organize various events in the college. These events bring a whiff of fresh air amidst all the academic hustle-bustle. From an environment of competition and stress, the committee aims to bring about a feeling of belongingness amongst the students.

RANG as the cultural committee allows the students to couple their managerial know how with their originality to organize noteworthy events and create memorable experience for the entire batch.

Events Conducted:


The timid and excited faces of the fresh batch of NMIMS marks the beginning of their social belonging with their batch mates through the spirited and lively Fresher’s Party hosted by Team Rang. This ice breaking event aims in creating a fun and gregarious environment for the senior as well as junior batch making it a relatively easy sail through their MBA journey.


On Friendship day, the committee leaves no stones unturned to bring the students of NMIMS closer together. The college is decorated with lot of colors which bring about excitement among the students. The corridors echoes with screams of joy as the organizers pose challenges in games and activities that tests one’s friendship. At the end of the day, there will be a lot of secrets shared and bonds made. This year it was in a form of a social media interaction with students for MBA 11 & PGDM 10 batch. Games were organized online on the platform to tag each other with the set of qualities they resemble in a form of a truth lie quiz.


The committee organizes the Independence Day celebration to celebrate the sacrifice and contribution of struggles which led to the free India we see today. The theme of the event in the year 2018 was "Patriotism through Bollywood” where we commemorated famous patriotic films and displayed iconic dialogues. The day begins with flag hoisting by the Director of the program followed by traditional dance forms as well as modern contemporary dance forms performed by the students of NMIMS. This is accompanied by soulful songs sung by the students and playing of live instruments. Not to forget the effortless decoration of the venue by handmade carving of the Indian monuments.

Amidst the pandemic, the entire batch was given an experience to celebrate Independence Day being far yet close to each other on a virtual platform. The committee organized it with active participation from the batch in singing, instrumental music, dancing, mimicry.

Flag hoisting was done at the Kormangala Campus, and students saw it virtually on their screens, followed by speeches by dignitaries and performances by the students.


Talent has no restrictions. The lockdown couldn’t stop MBA 11 showcasing their talent which was then judged by the senior members of the respective teams. The new cultural team auditions were conducted in a Live Ms Teams Session. Entries for the same were asked beforehand, and were played LIVE with judges from the senior batch providing their feedback and judgement on the same. The event was open for all students for NMIMS Bangalore.


Nityaksh- the three-day extravagant managerial and cultural fest of NMIMS Bangalore provides a platform to the students to explore, participate, learn and enjoy the gamut of opportunities given in the form of management games and cultural competitions.

NMIMS Bangalore is proud to witness participation from top B schools of the country, thus making the fest more dynamic and vibrant.

Management events held during Nityaksh paves way for students to connect with corporate guests who visit as judges and panel members and gain practical knowledge in their field of interest.

Adding fun and mystic element to Nityaksh, Team Rang hosts an enthralling Sufi Night whereby the talented Singing team of the college performs a medley of various soothing songs and allows the students to rejoice in an environment of soulful music. The event ended on a high note with performances by some of the best celebrities of the country. For the 8th chapter, we were proud to stage "Aastha Gill” for the star night.


The students of NMIMS now associate this day of Spooks and Screams with off center costume, spine chilling face paints and mirth of dancing the night away with their friends like there is no tomorrow! To celebrate the universal day of horror, RANG organized a costume party where students of both batches were seen in quirky costumes to enjoy a revelry full of great food and music. The celebration gave a chance to the students to couple their creativity with the spooky sides of their personalities and appreciate a night free of stress with their friends right before their Diwali break. This year with unprecedented times came the unprecedented faux pas. On Halloween the students shared their own incidences which still haunted them and made the batch say WHOOPS instantly.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas season brings many reasons to celebrate and gather. We share our love and joy with friends who have become a family over the year by hosting an unforgettable Christmas party. The day continues with various events like Secret Santa and potluck with a lot of engaging games happening in the background. The spirit of NMIMS Bangalore turns magical at the arrival of Santa at the end of year. The party not only colors the campus but brings out the festive mood of the students. Amidst the Pandemic, the committee organized the Secret Santa where pairs were made on a random basis and the Santa sent goodies to the respective child.


New Year at NMIMS begins with the spirit of togetherness as RANG organizes traditional day which is an amalgamation of various different festivals such as Lohri and Pongal. This is where we try to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusion of diverse cultures. It aims to generate a sense of understanding and solidarity amongst the students coming from varied backgrounds.


The year ends with a heavy heart as RANG bids farewell to the senior batch. It marks the ending of two years of management studies and we as RANG try to create an experience that is engraved in the memories of the students as they embark upon the journey of finding their path in their new lives. We bid adieu to our beloved seniors as we remind them of the countless memories that they’ve built all along the year and wish them all the luck for the awaited adventures.


The festival of colors and the last festival celebrated in the academic year. It is a fun filled and colorful day celebrated within the vicinity of the college premises with everyone immersed in actual RANG, ironically concluding a yearlong of adventures with the committee, "RANG”.

Contact details:

Email ID: Rang.Blr@nmims.edu

President: ADITYA SISODIA; Aditya.sisodia13@nmims.in; +91-8005969300

Vice President: JAINAM PUNMIYA; jainam.punmiya90@nmims.in; +91-9820992118

General Secretary: DRISHTI CHOITHANI; drishti.choithani81@nmims.in; +91-9174021662

Treasurer: MANAV GADIA; manav.gadia60@nmims.in; +91-9019195234

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