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Udyam is the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of NMIMS, Bangalore. The objective that Udyam solves is to imbibe a sense or feeling of "giving back to the society” along with the MBA curriculum.

This year Udyam even rolled out a quarterly Newsletter to all students and professors at the University, and successfully conducted multiple events despite the virtual scenario:

1. WeCare (25th January – 13th February, 2021):

Udyam also acts as a facilitator for the flagship Winter Internship WeCare program at NMIMS University, wherein students intern with various NGOs pan-India as a part of their Civic Engagement activities.

2. White Day (Walkathon) (19th August, 2020):

This was our very first virtual Event where all students took a pledge towards a sustainable future and better health with the theme for the day as "White” meaning peace and tranquility.

3. Fit don’t Quit (21st August – 23rd August, 2020)::

Reminded us to not the lectures and assignments get the better of us. This campaign saw students and professors working out at their homes and keeping fit with the idea – "Health is Wealth”.

4. Mental Health Workshop (31st August, 2020):

Udyam conducted a virtual workshop wherein Ms. Shruti Naik sensitized on the fact that feeling isolated or lonely can be a vicious cycle when dealing with mental stress, and how one can attain self-worth.

5. Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week):

    a. Wish Tree (12th October – 15th October, 2020):

    revolved around the idea of fulfilling the wishes of the children of Building blocks NGO, which helped 20 odd families in terms of food packets and other essentials.

    b. Feed the Stray (15th October – 18th October, 2020):

    an event that helped the students to understand the plight of stray animals and do their bit to help them as they had no source of sustenance.

    c. NGO Visit (18th October, 2020):

    Udyam and Advaith Foundation together organized a virtual NGO visit incorporating one-to-one interactions, exciting games and music performances.

    d. Soiree (24th October, 2020):

    An entertainment night which saw students from both levels coming together and showcasing their talents.

6. Sunshine Scholarship (Year long event):

We fund the education for approximately 6-10 students from Sri Sai English High School, Bangalore and continued the trend for 7th year in a row by garnering donations.

7. Silent Auction (20th and 21st February, 2021):

An Event conducted by the students of PGDM10 and MBA01 in order to raise funds for Sunshine Scholarship by offering various services and a bidding war.

8. Vihaan (7th March, 2021):

Our flagship event which provides a platform for Corporate CSR Cells and NGOs in order to talk about pressing issues with the theme for this year being "Re-building towards Resilience”. These also provide fundraising opportunities for NGOs.

Contact Details:

Email ID: udyam@nmims.in

PRIYANSHU GUPTA (President): priyanshu.gupta92@nmims.in; +91-9829840907

PRIYANSHI DAMANIA (Vice-President): priyanshi.damania85@nmims.in; +91-9619868584

SHUBHAM AGARWAL (General Secretary): Shubham.agarwal46@nmims.in; +91-9831522673

NAVEDHAY JAIN (Treasurer): navedhay.jain82@nmims.in; +91-7983449140

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